Any successful remodeling project must begin with careful, mindful and methodical planning. Hands down the investment of time and money spent on remodeling project will be the time and money you invest on design! When considering your remodel project, some will reference the internet and search for inspirational images of kitchens, bathrooms or basement finishes to get inspired. Those images that you are saving in a folder to share with your designer/contractor are to communicate a design style……….almost every one of those saved images have been planned and designed by a designer! You will want to love your finished product, enjoy the process and be happy with this sizable investment. The biggest compliment a welled planned remodel will get is that you will refer our company to another friend or business associate.

“I think I will just be my own designer”

Sure, we can all pick out a specific tile we like, a light fixture or a counter top. It’s pulling it all together in harmony. Not too much of that, or too little of this! A designer has the experience, knowledge and education to know how to pull together all of the endless and numerous products, colors, textures, styles, finishes and orchestrate them into award winning designs! Just as you would not try to be your own attorney, or your own accountant…….the errors made by trying to attempt one of these jobs could be catastrophic! This is your home! Don’t make that same error. This IS one the most critical phases of any stunning remodel. Don’t do it a dis-service by passing on this invaluable service.

“What will happen if I choose to be my own designer?”

If we are not the lead designer, we cannot commit to any specific schedule as we cannot predict when the design will be completed………not when the 3rd party might “think” they are going to be done……but when the design and all its meticulous details have been outlined, selected, and approved.

Without the design being complete, our production staff cannot commit to any specific start dates or completion dates as all design products and applications must be considered in every production schedule. Once you have started the design process on your own and then realized you probably are in over your head, it’s now when the design will take possibly twice as long, as all things, from front to back now will have to be reconsidered.