Budgeting (post-design)

When a budget is proposed for a specific scope of work, clients do not come to the table with all of their products selected. Tile, sinks, faucets, flooring, lighting, flooring……etc. Those things are considered and selected in the “design” phase. But most want to know what the scope of the project will cost so they can make an educated decision with regards to the budget. We cannot predict what those unique, personal “future” decisions may be, nor can we predict exactly what you are going to select during the design process. But, we try very hard to get a close understanding of your design sense, style and what we think your design direction may be. So we put together a very comprehensive “estimate” that includes adequate allowance to be able to purchase these items that make up a kitchen or bath remodel to fit your unique design sense and style.

Once the design has been completed and the “actual” products have been selected, the “actual” applications have been agreed upon, and the “actual” scope has been determined……..NOW we can reconcile the budget from “pre-design” to “post-design”.

Between pre-design and post design, numbers will increase or decrease depending on your personal design and remodeling choices, but now it’s time to commit to those decisions. That means if there is a difference, that difference will need to be paid in full or credited back to the client at that time.