The first 3 critical steps in a successful ALH remodeling project now have been completed. Most of your heavy lifting that requires a lot of your time and attention is now behind you. Great job! Now a production schedule is ready to be assembled and time frames committed. But first…….EVERYTHING must be verified before we can create a project production schedule. Availability of all the products that were just approved. Tile, carpeting, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, slabs of natural stone or quartz, and so on and so on. We also need to build our production schedule around the availability of any and all trades that may be associated with any given project, which could be something large like the cabinet fabrication process.

If all the vital steps for proper planning for any design/remodeling project are carefully considered, and each step given the time and respect to the numerous details that each step demands, remodeling can be exciting and fun! Completed on time and within budget…….but ONLY if each step is given the respect and time it demands.